ShuttleQ automates the management of your shuttle business with one safe-and-secure software package.

ShuttleQ is a cloud-based Fleet Management Software that allows you to effectively manage all transportation aspects of your business. Manage guest parking, transportation, and take full control of your shuttle fleet to get your guests to and from the airport, or any other destination, on time and hassle-free. Customizable Inputs include guest requests, routes, user tracking, financials and performance tracking features. Field operatives and drivers are able to give and receive real-time updates to the system via mobile device access (iPhone and Android). Cloud-based services mean no service calls for outdated systems, no bulky hardware, and no software to download. Contact us today and take control of your own shuttle and fleet services! On-time transportation = happy customers!

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Business and Driver

Constant connectivity between front desk staff, managers and drivers. Drivers are connected to the software through their mobile devices to get up-to-date information.

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Business and Customer

Businesses can manage transportation reservations, contact customers, send reminders and keep them informed of changes to the schedule or pick-up location.

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Driver and Customer

By having instant, on-demand contact access to customers, drivers can interact with customers directly and inform them of delays or changes in pick-up or drop-off scheduling.

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Ditch the clumsy clipboards, cancel the expensive private shuttle service.


Business managers can enjoy our real-time tracking options, as well as our in-depth, customizable reporting capabilities. Streamline your fleet and parking operations, increase efficiency and keep an eye on your workforce, all via ShuttleQ!


ShuttleQ allows fleet drivers to be constantly connected with the business hub via their mobile devices. Automatic updates, notices and tracking means drivers arrive at their pick-up points ready, on-time and prepared to receive passengers.

Front Desk

“When is my shuttle coming?” “When will I get dropped off?” “Will my shuttle be late?” ShuttleQ effectively removes “I don’t know” or “we are not sure” from the dictionaries of front desk staff when asked transportation-related questions by customers.


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Manage all your parking issue with our software! Issue parking permits, manage your lots, determine your daily demand. Our program compiles all your parking permits in one location, calculates the correct fees for each customer and assigns parking spaces. Check the parking management page for an up-to-date status report that you can organize by column. Never again be surprised at how many parking spaces you have left!

Issue parking permits

Say goodbye to handwritten permits! Standardize and track the permits you issue. Each parking permit you create contains the type of parking package, the rate, the length of stay, the make and model of the vehicle, payment status and more. Only the fields you select will appear on your permits!

Track incoming and outgoing vehicles

Know who’s coming and who’s going in your parking lot! Our simple calendar pull-down lets you view your lot’s status at a glance. Automatically retrieve parking permits. Check availability by day or by lot. Scan for arrivals and departures. We place all your parking info at your fingertips!

Assign varying rates

Hourly, daily, long-term, special deals – you name it! Create as many rates as you need. Then select the rate you want from the pop-up menu on the parking permit. Once you’ve completed the parking permit, the overall cost will be calculated automatically. No more math mistakes!

Manage vehicle keys

With our automatic numbering system, you’ll never again ask which keys belong with which vehicle! Our key tracking system assigns a unique identifier to each vehicle, so keys and cars can remain together.

Administer parking lot space

Quickly determine how much parking space you have remaining for each day! Our numbering system works just as well for parking spaces as it does for key management. You’ll know how many spaces you have assigned and how many spaces you have remaining. Eliminate the guesswork!

Produce parking reports

Automatically compile your parking data into easy-to-read reports! Access daily reports on arrivals and departures. Produce reports on each lot. You can print your parking reports in either Excel or PDF formats!


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