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GPS Tracking


Where is the shuttle? Whether you are a guest waiting at a pickup location, a front desk operator seeking an accurate arrival time, or manager tracking the hotel shuttle transportation fleet, this question comes up multiple times throughout every day of shuttle fleet operations.

Unfortunately, without the proper tools, this question cannot be easily answered. Without proper tracking methods, a shuttle’s location is subject to phone calls, relying on the driver to accurately and timely report their location while driving, and mostly, guesswork.

ShuttleQ.com integrates real-time GPS tracking into the hotel shuttle transportation software, allowing this question to be answered instantly and correctly, at any time. Front desk operators, managers and even guests can pull up an updating, interactive map within the ShuttleQ app that will accurately give them a location of all shuttles.


Familiarity: Popular mobile ride-sharing and transportation apps like Uber® and Lyft® have already familiarized the general public with real-time vehicle tracking via GPS on an interactive map. This is something the average guest is comfortable with and expects from their hotel transportation service.

Interactivity: Having access to real-time GPS information on the location of their shuttle gives guests an accurate idea of how far they are from the pickup, and how much longer their wait will be.

Without having access to any information on the location or ETA of their shuttle, the average guest will eventually get frustrated and start calling the front desk to get updates on arrival, tying up the front desk’s time, and setting up dissatisfaction with the service.

Accountability: As a manager, it is important to know that your shuttle drivers are on task and handling their routes in the most efficient way possible. Having accurate GPS data on routes taken as well as arrival & departure times will allow any manager to increase productivity and decrease costs by re-planning and optimizing routes, promoting efficient drivers and reassigning those who do not adhere to the scheduling.