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Auto Dealerships

How ShuttleQ Can Benefit Your Auto Dealership

For dealerships that have a shuttle for customers who must leave their vehicle with the service department for a prolonged period of time, ShuttleQ can help manage all guest pickups and drop-offs. Most auto service customers do not want to sit and wait for their vehicle and need to be dropped off at home, at work, or at the nearest mass public transportation hub. Those same customers need to be picked up from those locations, or maybe even different location when their vehicle is ready. Customers will receive notices, updates and confirmations via text message, so they can feel that the dealership has their convenience at the forefront.

 Customers can schedule a pickup and/or drop-off by calling their service department or advisor, using a kiosk in the lobby, or a link on the dealership website.

 With ShuttleQ’s GPS Tracking feature, customers, managers and service staff members can track the shuttle vehicle in real time, at all times. 

ShuttleQ easily integrates with some of the most popular and widely-used dealership customer schedule systems.

Watch the video below to see how ShuttleQ works in conjuction with your auto dealership