ShuttleQ Partners with IDScan


ShuttleQ, a cloud-based Software as a Service (SAS) Fleet, Transportation, Parking and Guest Management Software has recently partnered up with IDScan ID parsing engine to ensure rapid scanning of ID cards, Credit Cards and other identification methods for maximum efficiency of Parking, Guest Shuttle and Transportation management solutions provided by ShuttleQ. The software allows managers, drivers, and the front desk to effectively communicate and handle all hotel transportation aspects. Easy-to-use, interactive and intuitive dashboards with customizable inputs make it easy for hotel staff to communicate with drivers and guests in real time while keeping track of all guest transportation tasks: dispatches, pickups, drop-offs, parking and more. IDScan adds the world‘s most powerful ID parsing engine to ShuttleQ’s already robust capabilities to allow for scanning, verifying, capture and analysis of customer data from any type of ID.