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Shuttle Operation in the Social Distancing Era


Shuttle operation at your property is going to look a lot different once everything starts to reopen after the Covid-19 lockdowns. There are many steps you must take to stay in line with the recommendations from the CDC and keep your guests and passengers safe, healthy, and worry-free. Social distancing is crucial during this time in order to maintain and operate your shuttles safely for your guests and staff members.

Safety is the #1 priority for your guests and staff members, and it starts with Social Distancing. Social Distancing should be at the top of your list for Covid-19 safety. To maintain Social Distancing in your shuttles, you should only operate all shuttles at 50% capacity – increasing the number of routes and wait times is preferable to putting your guests in an uncomfortable situation. Make sure to seat parties with one row in between them. Seat the parties in order, organized by who is getting dropped off first. Make sure to have a designated staff member to operate your shuttles so that they can seat your guests. Control and supervise the seating process — don’t let your guests seat themselves.

Before each guest enters the vehicle, be sure to distribute hand sanitizer. You should have hand sanitizer available in each vehicle, easily accessible for all. You should check the guests’ temperature before they enter the vehicle. If they are over a certain temperature that indicates they have a fever, it is recommended that you decline transportation in the shuttle for them. Make sure that the guests and the drivers always wear a mask – it helps put guests at ease, and does help prevent the spread of airborne particles.

Keep your shuttles clean. Make sure to wipe down all of the seats, floors, and door handles after each and every trip. Use a cleaning solution that is recommended by the CDC.

Consider adding an additional shuttle vehicle to your fleet. In case of mechanical issues and to also assist with reducing passenger capacity per shuttle, it is a good idea to add another shuttle.

Using a guest management and tracking software like ShuttleQ.com is highly recommended to operate your shuttles during the Covid and post-Covid era. With ShuttleQ’s newly added social distancing feature, you can now limit the number of parties, trips, and seats at specific times. During such challenging times for the transportation and hospitality industry, it is vital to document everything that happens at your property. ShuttleQ.com allows you to schedule drop-offs and pick-ups. This is very important because it will help you efficiently operate your shuttles with the new social distancing guidelines, and to limit delays as much as possible.

Make sure to always keep updated with the industry standards and the recommendations from the CDC.